Grandfather's Axe

by Globe and Beast

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Sunder MK2 I want this to be one of those local bands I can go to some shitty bar and watch live.
There is nothing technically impressive about the music, but the band rejects the standard verse chorus verse style. Every track has something to say, something relevant to the life most of us live getting from day to day fighting the mediocrity of life. Favorite track: Directions.
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released March 19, 2013

Recorded & Mixed by Alex Estrada at The Earth Capital
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering



all rights reserved


Globe and Beast San Diego, California

For fans of Engineer, Converge, Curl Up and Die, Cursed, etc. Just five dudes shredding, hard.

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Track Name: The Weight
Distract them with death and violence. Alter consumption, reshape compliance.
Track Name: Stays the Same
Tensions build as lines are crossed. A reminder to what has been lost. Tests mount as the weight grows heavy. What extreme will fill what feels empty? Knowing it's all going to stay the same. With only myself to blame. It’s all going to stay the same.
Track Name: Hand of Glory
Thieves come unto me. Unabated, unrelated, infuriated by the hand of God. Cut the hand and let it bleed. Bear it like somehow it sets you free. Mount it like a reason to take control of your own life. Be my light to the end. Be my light to be fucking free. Thieves come unto me. Unabated, unrelated, infuriated by the fear of God. Dead six million, sick six billion. An empty mind is a hefty heart. Fortitude comes from solitude, but I'll scrape these walls till they fall apart. As I'm paralyzed, I can feel this is the end. As I'm paralyzed, I can finally rest my head. Render me useless. We've come too many. Render me hopeless. I see through the glory.
Track Name: Body's Sore
Going to sleep on an empty stomach. Living with empty pockets. Sleep deprived and my body's sore. Troubles keep falling at my front door. Yet again as I breathe in the air. Reminiscing on childhood dreams. Now in the past like the scent of her hair. Anxiously trying to attempt to calm this hate I try to reject. It runs so deep, right down to my seams. One last breath before I take my final step.
Track Name: Actuality of Chaos
So what? We tried, you failed. And I kept pushing forward. Only to be derailed. Everything's predestined to fail. So what? We tried your way. What will you have to say to me? You’re late; denied. Everything's predestined to fail. It's the fucking truth. And it's right in front your fucking nose. Do you even realize what you did to me? And after all of this time, every time. You have failed. Silence is consent. Justice delayed is justice denied. It will be with you for the rest of your days. Your morality wears. And with it, your patience, it fades. That's when you realize what they do to demoralize. Though we all must try to push forward to carry on the weight of our forefathers. We all must try to push forward to carry on the weight of those who failed before us.
Track Name: Days on Replay
Unstable balancing on a tight rope. Grasping anything in hand to aid cope. From trust torn to shreds. I cannot piece together all of these fragments. Can't piece together. For when the towers fall and fires arise. Fear the time of your demise. Disguised in desire and deceit. This destruction is what makes you complete. Befriend the nearing end. The end. Truth ignored. Sought relief through seclusion. Buried deep in my own false delusions. Internal and external. I know you inside and out; I know you. A witness with no comment. Deaf to even the closest. Melancholy.
Track Name: Woven Deep Within
Pick through all of the files. Woven deep throughout the trials. When will enough be enough? Where do you draw the line? Seeing you sends shivers down my spine. Traveling through life’s motions. Sacrifice tests your devotion. Subdo the riot. Lies keep the masses compliant. Woven deep within.
Track Name: A River's Mouth
We nod, we drowse, we sleep. I'm trying to stay awake. Through the motions from a river to a lake. We move like drones, slaves to a clock. Hoping for change at the end of the dock. These waters are vast; will I dive in head first? The monotony feels like a fucking curse. I see uncharted waters up ahead. They’re open, they're endless, relentless. Destinations unknown. I hope I find peace, a place to call home.
Track Name: Directions
Though a lapse has occurred, the flow of wires binds the fuse. An initial spark to fuel this firefight. Trying hard to get a grip. Attempting to decipher what it meant, but I'm losing all my sight. Finding it harder and harder to tune out the noise. The noise seems to be getting louder. As the days, they burn away. Nothing gained, nothing achieved. Standing in the same place again. Months burn by, seasons pass. Attempting to understand what? Still wondering which direction I will take. The voices continue. The suggestions, they just seem to continue. As I try to figure out the words. As the weeks flow into each other. Which road will I take? Will I make it or break?
Track Name: Systems
All must find what attempts to bind and confine. No more chains; burn the bridges that tie with betrayal. I'm done with these revolving doors that seem to find me. Done with the daily decay of ambitions. Lost to the weight of the world. A fixation of no progress gained with no destination. It is daunting; the future, my placement. Inevitable demise. Here I find myself alone. I'm in the unknown, terrified; I wait. It's time for action, time for change. Unaware uphill battle. It will never be fair.
Track Name: Coexist
Stewing away in this room. These four white walls will be my tomb. Hating what you do to do what you love. Biting my tongue, clenching my fists. Cast away, trying to coexist. The normality of routine and expectations. What would you know of tribulations? Manufactured and controlled. Everything you've come to know. Manufactured and controlled. Everyone you've come to know. Everything has its end. No one will have a helping hand to lend.
Track Name: Creatures of Habit
Distant and many of them are like that. When we come up short. We throw up our hands; yell abort. We are all creatures of habit. Rollercoaster out of control. Come to terms with the fact that you have no one. Nobody, nothing to make you feel whole.
Track Name: Grandfather's Axe
Drop the head of the axe. Watch it split to the stump. I can't watch you wither. The rust spreads like disease. When the wood decays, it will be replaced. But it's a different piece. Always cut before, but the care was never there. To keep it pristine. It loses meaning. You dragged us in the dirt. You cracked. The seasons will bring the cold. We'll chop the lumber that will feed us through death. Fuel us through death. If it's not worth fixing, then it's not worth fucking saving. Just like my grandfather's axe. You are a piece worth replacing. When the wood decays, it will be replaced. But it's a different piece, it's a different beast.